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Current Account

FFB promote as a magic, fast, secure, high quality by the high-tech cyber system in the quality by the high-tech cyber system in the world. You’ve been heard about some noise for online transaction in other banks and some attack for the reach customer’s account even in high-level secure systems. So we make a combination from a new version of monitoring parallel, these methods first time lunching in the world. Some of the prime banks had requested for take this academic method from our researcher’s expert engineers but we did bench marketing in our internal services as long as 3 years in virtual branch of the bank. Unbelievable, the error in this system is 0%. Foreign Finance Bank lunching this current account responding system for other banks by 150,000 million $.
The distinguished specification:

  • 100% securable for unlimited wire transfer
  • Multi layer security for saving the funds in any currency
  • 24hours accessing from verified countries ATM machines
  • Secure online banking limit by customer choice
  • All services can be applied online
  • BG,LC,Finance,…
  • For business current account also business services can be applied online
  • For any application double check will be done with the main owner of the account

With the Standard Current Account, you get privileges many others consider premium services. Also, avail various other banking services that can meet your needs.

  • Overdraft facility available by arrangement.
  • Bill payment facilities across a wide range of services.
  • Access to the account through Online banking
  • Monthly Statement of account.
  • Non-interest-bearing account.
  • Cheque book facility.
  • Free International ATM/debit card.
  • Standing order service available.